Volume & Issue: Volume 6, Issue 4 - Serial Number 18, January 2013, Pages 5-172 
Future Study on Energy and Evaluation of Energy Management Strategies in Iran by Means of Scenario Planning

Pages 5-33

Seyed Kamal Chaharsooghi; Mehrdad Rahmati; Mahdi Memarpour; Ali Rajabzadeh Ghatari

A Modeling of the Effect of Information and Communication Technology Development on Entrepreneurial Businesses

Pages 114-128

Esmaeil Ghaderifar; Mohammad Reza Mardani; Ali Akbar Aghajani; Reza Faraj Tabar

The Recognition of Workforce Agility Factors by Delphi Technique in Electronic Industries

Pages 129-153

Abolfazl Khosravi; Sayed Hossein Abtahi; Reza Ahmadi; Hossein Salami