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Journal of Improvement Management is a peer-reviewed, open-access, quarterly journal that publishes theoretical and empirical articles, that contributes to advancing the understanding of phenomena related to all aspects of management science. The journal disseminates information to both researchers and practitioners. The editors welcome original contributions that have not been and are not to be published elsewhere.

The submitted papers will be published after review as well as the approval of the editorial board. The honorable professors and researchers are highly appreciated if they visit this site, register, submit and set up their papers based on the authors' guidelines. Therefore, visiting in person or calling the journal office is not recommended, so all connections with authors and reviewers are done through the website.

This Journal based on license No. 3/95124 dated 2011-8-30 (1390/6/8), the Publications Review Commission of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, succeeded in receiving the scientific research degree from 2011-8-13 (1390/6/1).

The flow diagram of the review and acceptance process is described in the "Peer Review Process" section.  The following points should be noted:

  • Type of review: Double-blind peer review

  • Review and Publication fee: Free

  • Copyright: The journal allows the author(s) to hold the copyright without restrictions.

  • Plagiarism Detection Software: "Hamtajoo" and "Samim Noor"

  • The role of the sponsor must be included in the manuscript for any manuscript that has had funding, support, or sponsorship.

Open Access Statement:

Journal of Improvement Management is a fully open-access journal, which means that all articles are available on the Web to all users immediately upon publication. This Journal is licensed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License 4.0 International (CC-BY 4.0). Licensees may copy, distribute, display and make derivative works only if they cite the original published article.

Benefits of open access for authors include:

  • Free access for all users worldwide
  • Authors retain copyright to their work
  • Increased visibility and readership
  • Rapid publication
  • No spatial constraints

Publication Policies:

Journal of Improvement Management  is following of Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) and complies with the highest ethical standards in accordance with ethical laws.

Financial Policies:

  • Article Processing Charges: Article processing charges and any other publication fees in the journal are free for authors.
  • Subscription Fee: "Journal of Improvement Management" has been published as an open-access electronic journal, so there is no subscription fee for audiences. 

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In English: Journal of Improvement Management 

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Management, Industrial Development Policy, technology management, Futures studies, and similar subjects


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Hamid Reza Fartouk Zadeh, PhD.

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Hamtajoo, Samim noor

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