Writing Guide

Guide to writing an article in the scientific-research quarterly Management Improvement

Please send your scientific-research article through the quarterly website to: www.Behboodmodiriat.ir. Before registering, select the Authors Guide option and read its contents carefully.

Submissions should be in accordance with the guidelines provided. Failure to follow this guide will result in failure to review the article.

1. The size of the article should be between 7000 and 9000 words.
2. Article abstract should be compiled in both Persian and English languages ​​and its volume should be between 150 to 250 words. In the abstract, after a very short introduction, three important points should be mentioned: "Research Problems and Objectives", "Research Method", "Results and Findings".
3. Article keywords should be between 4 and 6 items.
4. The names and surnames of the authors should be listed separately on the first page along with the academic rank. Specify the authors in English on the relevant page.
5. The structure of the articles in this journal is similar to the usual management articles and consists of five sections (introduction; theoretical foundations and research background; methodology; findings; discussion and conclusion). It is emphasized that the quarterly emphasizes and suffices on a sufficient and accurate explanation of the research issue. Therefore, articles that can not reasonably present a useful research issue or can not have a useful discussion and conclusion will not be a priority for acceptance.
6. How to write a source: According to paragraph 7-1-13 of the regulations of scientific journals (notified by the Minister of Science) from spring 2017 onwards, the method of submitting articles to the Management Improvement Quarterly has changed and will be based on "in-text citation" (author name, year of publication).
7. Figures, graphs, tables and mathematical relations must be typed (non-scanned and non-inverted) and numbered separately and from beginning to end and have titles. All expressions, terms, numbers and figures of shapes And the tables must be in Persian. Also, shapes that are made up of several separate components must be grouped together.
8. Avoid mentioning non-Persian words that have Persian equivalents. Also, English phrases of important words should be mentioned as subtitles.
9. If the article has a financial and spiritual sponsor, it is mandatory to include it in the article by the author.

Research Manuscript Template

Important Notes:

1) In addition to mentioning the sources in the text of the manuscript (according to the journal's instructions), for the final acceptance of the manuscript, Persian sources must be translated into English. After translating the sources into English, all the sources (including previous English sources and newly translated sources) should be uploaded in the system in the form of a "separate file" in alphabetical order. When submitting a new manuscript, this file must be uploaded in the "Add files" section along with other required files of the manuscript.

In the case of journal articles, to translate the source, you can use the English page of the publication in which the article was published.

At the end of each source, insert the words [In Persian]. For example:

Mehregan M., 2012. Data Envelopment Analysis Quantitative Models in Organizational Performance Evaluation. Tehran: Ketab-e-daneshgahi [In Persian].

2) When registering a user account and entering the authors' details, be careful in completing the information and matching it with the uploaded files. Because when the article is published, information is recalled from this section.

Research Manuscript Template