Science and Technology Policy Assessment (Case Study on Elite Conscripts Working in Research Projects)

Document Type : Research Article (Original Article)


Assistant Professor, Faculty of Management and Industrial Engineering, Malek Ashtar University of Technology, Tehran, Iran.


Recently, different policies have been adopted in our country in order to develop and use science, technology and innovation (STI). Since these policies aim at more broad objectives and their implementation needs financial, human and other resources, it is necessary to assess their effectiveness during the time to check and correct their deviation. This control process not only prevents resource dissipation, but also helps policy learning. Now, while most of industrial sectors in our country have STI policies, there is no systemic model, procedure or structure for assessing these policies and doing corrective actions. In this article, focusing on “recruiting elite conscripts to work in research projects of defense firms”, as a policy, we first introduce a framework for STI policy assessment; Second, we investigate the fitness of this framework for the local situation; and third we state the result of using the framework to assess the mentioned policy. Results show that implementing this policy has been more successful in technology and engineering fields compared to humanities. Based on this assessment, we suggest some corrections to the policy.