Some topics of interest in this journal are:

  1. Evaluation of industrial policies and government intervention models in the development of industries;
  2. Studies on the relationship between industry and the government and other institutions;
  3. Catch up at national, local, and organizational levels;
  4. Industrialization and the formation of clusters;
  5. Management of industrial value chains;
  6. Changes in the capabilities and advantages of the country's industries and enterprises;
  7. Localization of technology in different industries;
  8. Cooperation and networking models;
  9. Conflicts and destructive competitions between activists in the path of industrial development;
  10. Labor relations, contracts, and legislation in industrial development;
  11. Technological innovation and entrepreneurship in industrial development;
  12. Industrial equipment and non-operating defense;
  13. Comparative studies and examination of differences and similarities in different industrial sectors;
  14. Dependence and industrial sanctions and experiences of dealing with them;
  15. Analysis of socio-technical transitions and developments;
  16. Resistance economy of industrial development;
  17. The political economy of industrial development;
  18. Sociology of industrial development;
  19. Theoretical and philosophical studies related to industrial development;
  20. Criticisms of the epistemological method of research in the field of management and policy making

Priority articles for this journal have the following features:

  • In terms of subject matter: the field of industrial policy, technology management, future research, and similar subjects.
  • In terms of case studies: strategic industries, industrial organizations and companies, industrial policy, key technologies.
  • In terms of approach: in-depth analysis of one or more case studies and paying attention to the historical developments related to the study.