Authors Commitment Form

Author's Moral Commitment Form in the Scientific Journal of Improvement Management 

I am Mr. / Mrs.: ............................................. ..... As the author in charge of the article / in charge of correspondence with the scientific journal of Improvement Management
with Title:
(Persian title):.
I declare that:
1- this article has been done with the cooperation of the people announced in table number one
2- The order of the names of the authors and the selection of the author responsible for the correspondence are given according to the agreement made between the authors.
3- The accuracy of the information provided regarding the academic rank, organizational affiliation and e-mail address of the author / authors is approved by the author / authors.
Table 1.
Profile and order of the author / authors of the article
first name and last name
Academic Degree (Degree)
Organizational affiliation (address)
Role in the article
Signature (lead author / contributor)

(Note: if there are more authors, add them to the table rows)
The author / authors also undertake to:
1- This article has not been published in any other scientific journal (either in paper or electronic version).
2- This article has not been sent simultaneously to another scientific journal for review and judgment.
3- The materials presented in this article are taken from the research work of the author / authors of the article and no copying or quoting from others has been done without referring to its original in this article.
4- The author / authors will act as soon as possible (maximum within one week) on the corrections requested by the judges or the editor of the journal regarding this article.
5. In cases where it is determined that the author / authors have acted contrary to reality (at any stage of the article review process), do not object to the decision of the editor and members of the editorial board of the journal.

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