Fuzzy analysis of obstacles to the success of inventors based in science and technology parks; Presenting a hierarchical analysis (case study: Science and Technology Park of West Azarbaijan province)

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Entrepreneurs and inventors as drivers of production and technology play an important role in the growth and development of any country. In our country, science and technology parks act as a support base for inventors, but so far no significant successes have been achieved in this field. The main goal of this research is to identify The obstacles to the success of inventors located in science and technology parks are in the science and technology park of West Azarbaijan province. The current research is an applied research in terms of purpose and a mixed research in terms of method. The data collection tools include interviews and questionnaires, and the statistical population of the research includes managers of growth and innovation centers affiliated to Science and Technology Park and managers of knowledge-based companies, who are called experts in this research. Purposive sampling method was used to select sample people. Maxqda and Excel software were used for data analysis. In this research, 13 in-depth interviews with experts were repeated. After completing the interviews and initial coding and extracting the articles for the final screening of the extracted codes, fuzzy Delphi was used. For this purpose, the questionnaire extracted from the interviews was given to the experts. Based on the fuzzy Delphi results, 69 themes in the form of 13 core codes were approved and agreed upon by the experts. The results show that financial issues, lack of information, lack of support Suitable products, product problems, market problems, licensing problems and management


Main Subjects

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