Plan and Budget Organization as institution of development custodian (pilot agency); Designing and proposing functional requirements in the policy system of development planning in Iran

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1 Assisstant Professor, Technology Studies Institute, Tehran, Iran.

2 Tehran university

3 technology studies institute


Iran is one of the few countries that has experienced seven decades of development planning; Parallel to the beginning of development planning in Iran, the Plan Organization was established and has always been responsible for this in Iran. In practice, development planning in Iran has not been successful and Iran has not been able to enter the group of developed countries. Different thinkers have criticized this failure of development plans in Iran from different perspectives. This research has studied the development planning system in Iran from the perspective of the developmental state's theoretical framework. This approach has a special emphasis on the existence of the pilot agency as the institution of development custodian within a developmental state; In this research, the feasibility of the Plan and Budget Organization being the pilot agency of Iran in terms of structure and tools and achieving the developmental goals of the developmental state has been investigated. In general, although the Plan and Budget Organization has some important characteristics in playing a role as a pilot agency, but for the coherence of the tools and the promotion of the organization's activity as the institution of development custodian, it needs important changes in the bureaucracy and organizational structure.


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