"ILAF Initiative": to recreate Iran's geo-economic advantages at the historical crossroads of the Silk Road

Editor-in-Chief Lecture


Professor, Faculty of Management and Industrial Engineering, Malek Ashtar University of Technology, Tehran, Iran


For decades, Iran's economy, without having a geo-economic plan, has suffered from confusion and confusion on the margins of the Anglo-Saxon order.
"ILAF initiative" is an attempt to formulate the country's future geo-economic plan; A plan to revive the lost advantages of Iran's geo-economy at the historical crossroads of the Silk Road; and a plan to connect national value chains to regional markets and improve intra-regional trade balance. The driving forces of "ILAF initiative" are the intelligent environments of industrial and commercial cooperation, which include a complete system of supply and demand sides in two or more countries.
These intelligent cooperation environments, which are called "ILAF platforms", create a stable advantage and loyalty to long-term cooperation by enabling financing, account settlement, and internal protection.