Historical Analysis of Solar Photovoltaic Technology Development in Iran: An Institutional Approach

Document Type : Research Article (Original Article)


1 Assistant Professor, Institute for Science and Technology Studies, Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran, Iran.

2 MSc in Technology Management, Faculty of Management and Accounting, Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran, Iran.


This paper aims to analyze the historical evolution of solar photovoltaic technology development in Iran with an emphasis on the role of physical and hard Institutions in the period from 1991 to 2020. To this end, while examining the concept of Institution and its implications in the backgrounds and experiences of other countries. We have analyzed the role of physical (organizations) and hard Institutions (laws, policies, and regulations) and their effectiveness in the development of solar photovoltaic technology in Iran during the three main periods of development of this technology. The present study is of applied purpose and qualitative research method. Data gathering tools are semi-structured interviews and secondary data and the method of data analysis is through content analysis and axial coding. The statistical population for the expert interview is experienced in solar energy in Iran and 18 experts have been selected and interviewed by the snowball technique. Its temporal territory is between 1991 and 2020, and its spatial territory is Iran. According to the findings of this study, in the first period (1991 to 2006) the institutional focus was on familiarizing authorities with renewable energies and promoting this energy. While in the second period (2006 to 2015) the institutional focus has been shifted towards supporting the development of solar photovoltaic technology and in the third period (2015 to 2020) the institutional orientation has been directed towards creating a renewable and solar energy market in Iran.


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کیارش فرتاش، علی اصغر سعدآبادی، "نهادها و تاثیر آنها بر توسعه علم و فناوری"، فصلنامه سیاست علم و فناوری ۱۱، شماره ۲ (۱۳۹۸): ۲۳۹-۲۵۳.
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سید مسلم موسوی درچه ، محمد امین قانعی راد، حسن کریمیان، هدیه زنوزی زاده، ناصر باقری مقدم، "ارائه چارچوب توصیف گذار حوزه های فناورانه بر اساس رویکرد تحلیل چندسطحی: (مطالعه موردی: گذار انرژی های بادی و خورشیدی در ایران)"، فصلنامه بهبود مدیریت ۱۲، شماره ۴۰ (۱۳۹۷): ۱۴۱-۱۷۶.
سید مسلم موسوی درچه ، محمد امین قانعی راد، حسن کریمیان خوزانی، بهروز شاهمرادی، "ارائه چارچوب توصیف گذار حوزه های فناورانه بر اساس رویکرد تحلیل چندسطحی: مطالعه موردی گذار انرژی های بادی و خورشیدی در ایران"، مجله مدیریت نوآوری ۶، شماره ۴ (۱۳۹۶): ۶۳-۹۸.
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