Historical Analysis of the Evolution of Global Petroleum Industry Business Based on the Evolution of the Role of Key Players and Their Access to the Basic Pillars of Business

Document Type : Research Article (Original Article)


Assistant Professor, Research Institute of Petroleum Industry, Tehran, Iran


Importance of the petroleum industry in the world economy, has led some countries to turn to this industry and with serious investment in this sector, achieve a position to play an important role as a global player. Examining the historical path of evolution of these players can be a way forward for countries that are on this path but have not been able to achieve a good position and other countries and companies that want to enter this industry. The petroleum industry in the world has evolved over different periods of time, with different drivers and various players that have emerged and grown based on the need for the development of this industry. The prominent influence of the petroleum industry on the world economy, politics and development has made the recognition of the analytical history of this industry a strategic requirement for its players. Therefore, this article seeks to follow the history and evolution of this industry in different periods of history from the past to the present and explain the emergence and formation of various players in the global petroleum industry. Then, the course of this evolution will be examined in different time periods based on the access of different players to the pillars of business of the petroleum industry, including access to oil and gas resources, management skills, financial strength and technological capability. Finally, by explaining the requirements of the global petroleum industry business in the present era, the conclusion is reached.


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