A Look at the Concept of Weapons Pattern: A Critique of Regulation of Army Weapons and Equipment Pattern Codification

Document Type : Research Article (Original Article)


PhD in Futures Studies, Supreme National Defense University, Tehran, Iran.


Undoubtedly, the selection and acquisition of weapons and equipment is one of the major concerns of countries. In this way, attempts were made to reduce the concerns in the 1380s which eventually led to development of “Regulation of Army weapons & equipment Pattern codification” by Armed Forces Headquarters in 1386. The purpose of this research is make this sense in the stakeholders of defense acquisition that almost 10 years have passed since the announcement and implementation the regulation needs to rethink its meaning and processes. To this end, the content and theme analysis of the regulation and interviews with some experts on the defense acquisition have been used. Initial results were then presented to about 40 persons involved in the defense acquisition and their views were summarized and applied. The research findings show that what is nowadays known as the "weapon pattern" is more of a format designed to express the need for a specific weapon system or equipment; Simply put, the existing patterns may not fully meet the expectations that experts have on the pattern of the weapon. It is worth revisiting the concept of weapon pattern. This implies a series of gaps in existing defense planning concepts, approaches, structures, methods, and processes. Of course, what is certain is that the final output of the weapon pattern should lead to the prioritization of today and future's weapons and equipment of the armed forces in light of the changes in the security-defense environment and the creation of a defensive power.