Author = Mir Ghofoori, Seyyed Habibollah
Developing Conceptual Model to Facilitate the Commercialization of Inventions Patented by Natural Person: A Approach of Grounded Theory

Volume 8, Issue 2, July 2014, Pages 5-30

Zahra Sadeqi Arani; Leila Sadeqi Arani; Seyyed Habibollah Mir Ghofoori; Seyed Reza Seyed Javadin

Risk Mitigation Strategies in Supply Chain, Using 1-P Analysis and MADM A Case Study: Alloy Steel Industry

Volume 6, Issue 2, July 2012, Pages 58-77

Seyyed Habibollah Mir Ghafoori; Faezeh Asadian Ardakani

Presentations Strategies of Performance Improvement in the Public Sector Using BSC, FANP & VIKOR a Case Study of Cooperative Department of Yazd Province

Volume 6, Issue 1, April 2012, Pages 105-127

Mohammad Hossein Tahari Mehrjardi; Seyyed Habibollah Mir Ghofoori; Fatemeh Shakeri; Hamid Babaei Meibodi