Author = Mahmoodzadeh, Ebrahim
Investigating the Impact of Business Strategies on Innovative Performance (Case Study; Ministry of Defense Companies)

Volume 17, Issue 1, June 2023, Pages 34-61


Amirhosein saadat; Ebrahim Mahmoodzadeh; Alireza Bushehri; Reza Hosnavi

Invesgation on Ambidextrous Human Resource Strategic Competencies in a Defensive-Industrial Organization

Volume 12, Issue 1, August 2018, Pages 27-50

Yasser Alidadi Talkhestani; Ebrahim Mahmoodzadeh; Morteza Mousakhani; Seyed Mehdi Alvani

A Network Governance Model with Emphasis on Development of Open Innovation Processes at Security Research Institutions

Volume 11, Issue 4, March 2018, Pages 33-56

Mohammadmehdi Ghuchani Khorasani; Davood Hosseinpour; Ibrahim Mahmudzaeh; Seyed Mahdi Alvani; Seyed Abolhasan Firoozabadi

Technology Development Strategy Model Based on Global Balance Approach in Developing Countries

Volume 5, Issue 2, July 2011, Pages 41-69

Ebrahim Mahmoodzadeh; Farnaz Nekoei; Mohammad Baqer Ebrahim